Surf Slow

(on Linda Mar Beach, Pacifica, CA)

(started 6/28/2013)
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Here are some other webcams and links looking at this exact same beach, some provide different/better angles:
  SurfLine: - SurfLine - the largest surf cam provider - private house on Pedro Point providing a great service to surfers
  Pedro Point Surf Club - - Some friends who surf Linda Mar Beach.
  NorCal Surf Shop - - located on the beach, they will rent you a surfboard and a wetsuit for about $20, ask about surf lessons!
  Surf Report - - swell height, quality of surfing, wind direction, VERY USEFUL!!
  Linda Mar Weather Report - - see the temperature and precipitation before you come surf.
  Yelp Reviews of Linda Mar -
  Google Earth Pictures of Area - - you can zoom in on different surf breaks, or just look around!
  California Coastal Project -,2009,164,0,328,0,37.598465,122.508587,0,0,14,103,179 - detailed pics!!
  Historical Pictures -

Below is the SurfSlow Webcam (TEMPORARILY SurfLine because SurfSlow is being repaired):

Pacifica/Lindamar Live HD Surf Cam. Check out more Surf Cams at

Pacifica Weather Forecast, CA


Surf Report:


End of current E!